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ALEXIS THEODOTOU & CO LLC, is Cyprus based Law firm, duly registered and affirmed as a member of the Cyprus Bar Association, providing a vast array of legal, corporate and fiduciary services.

Our firm has recently been established and is recognised as one of the most rapidly growing and expanding Law firms in the country, with offices both in Nicosia (Capital) and Larnaca (Head Offices) and associates who offer a spectrum of services including Accounting, Auditing, Tax and Corporate Management, Fiduciary Services and Business and Innovation consulting.

Our clients include individuals, businesses and corporation of all sizes, including many multinational companies and corporations based in other countries of the European Union.

Our company provides advice on all legal matters and challenges relevant to Cyprus and EC Laws, the Laws of England and Wales, commonwealth Laws, International Trade and the doctrine of conflict of Laws.

Our team of professionals aspires to meet all the legal needs of our local and international clientele, offering them full legal support, listening and understanding their objectives, whilst providing them with practical advice and assistance.

ALEXIS THEODOTOU & CO LLC operates in specialist department basis, comprising of qualified leading professionals who respond quickly and effectively to our clients’ needs.

The members of our team are well qualified and trained to work on the highest level of professionalism and are well accustomed to both the common law and the continental law systems.

Our goal is to use our talents and organisation to serve our clients and contribute positively to society in line with our values.

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CEO Message

ALEXIS THEODOTOU & CO LLC is a limited liability company, duly incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus cap. 113 and is regulated by the Cyprus Bar Association.

Our firm is committed to providing a wide range of the highest quality legal services for clients across and beyond the Republic of Cyprus at a reasonable cost, and in an atmosphere for professional fulfilment, economic advancement and security for all employees.

We are committed to the highest ethical standards. We act with professionalism and civility in all our endeavours. We exceed our clients’ expectations for quality and service. We share our talents with the communities we serve and the organizations we support.

ALEXIS THEODOTOU & CO LLC has identified the following professional objectives as the essential components necessary to achieve our Goals.

  • We will provide service to all clients beyond their expectations in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner.
  • We will respect our employees and provide them with opportunities to grow and share in our success. We will respect our clients, our profession and our environment.
  • We will make certain that we are aware of and fully familiar with the changing rules, regulations and principles of the law. We will make certain that our work product reflects a commitment to the highest quality.
  • We will continue to pursue all opportunities for growth that are consistent with our strategic plan.
  • We will be vigilant to recruit the finest professional staff based upon merit, talent and ability. In that process, we will bring to our firm men and women of diverse racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds.
  • We will dedicate ourselves to the unyielding pursuit of excellence in all of our professional endeavours.

Below are the uncompromising firm values that define ALEXIS THEODOTOU & CO LLC as a unique business culture and serve as the standards by which the firm conducts business and by which our employees conduct themselves.

  • Service
  • Excellence
  • Family
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Hard work
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Mutual respect and firm mindedness
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Service to our community

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Services Offered

Corporate & Commercial
ALEXIS THEODOTOU & CO LLC provides a vast array of corporate services, including corporate incorporation, corporate management and administration, as well as through our associates and affiliate auditing firms, complete and comprehensive accounting and auditing services, tax planning, corporate and innovation consulting. Our clients are advised and guided at all times, in every step of the incorporation process, be it the incorporation of a new Cyprus company, the formation of a complex structure Cyprus company with tailor made Memorandum and Articles of Association, or even the registration of a Cyprus “shelf” company to a client if urgency requires it. The tax benefits of Cyprus companies are directly related to the concept of management and control whose general principle is that a Cyprus company needs to be managed in Cyprus in order to qualify for these tax advantages. Our associate company Broadleaf Corporate Support Limited, which is duly registered and licensed under the Laws of the Republic of Cyprus and governed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and the Cyprus Bar Association, undertakes the management and administration of companies registered in Cyprus and provides a large spectrum of fiduciary and nominee where such is necessary. Thus, we are able to provide transactional and advisory services across a wide range of matters and industry sectors. We assist our clients as they operate, regulate and grow their business, manage their existing commercial relations and expand to new matters. Our team of professionals is specialized in providing our clients with the essential foundation for development, facilitating their expansion and assisting boards, directors and shareholders through the evolution of their commercial environment.
Corporate Litigation
Our firm provides full and high level support on all stages and levels of our corporate client’s business expansion, be they single-owner start-ups or publicly listed multinationals. Our team of professionals is duly qualified and experienced in both corporate administration and corporate litigation, combining their knowledge of the Laws of England and Wales, the Laws governing International Trade, the doctrine of Conflict of Laws and the European Community Laws and Regulations, with the Legislation and Case Law of the Republic of Cyprus.
Mergers and Acquisitions
Cyprus maintains a vast network of double taxation treaties which in combination with the tax advantages available have given Cyprus companies an active role in international transactions, mainly related to ex-Soviet countries and Eastern Europe. Indicative of this is the fact that the small island of Cyprus was the number one investor in Russia, Ukraine and Moldavia in 2011 as well as holding top positions in other countries. As a result, mergers and acquisitions involving Cyprus companies holding assets abroad very frequently take place in Cyprus, through internationally recognised law firms.
Offshore companies
Cyprus is one of the few EU jurisdictions to accept transactions and invoicing from offshore companies and as such, it is very common for offshore companies to appear in tax structures together with Cyprus companies.
The Cyprus tax system has been the spark in the fast growing Cyprus economy over the last decades. Attractive tax schemes allow foreign corporate clients and investors to achieve tax optimisation through legal and controlled means.
Labour relations in Cyprus are regulated by a number of statutes, the chief of which is the Termination of Employment Law (Law 24 of 1967, as amended). In addition Cyprus has ratified a number of International Conventions. The body responsible for the administration of labour relations in Cyprus is the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance. It should be noted that the onus of proof in dismissal cases is on the employer to show that an employee was dismissed for one of the reasons specified in the statute.
ALEXIS THEODOTOU & CO LLC maintains a strong litigation department offering support to clients before the Cyprus Courts at every level. Our firm specializes in civil litigation including, damages for a breach of contract, retrieval of debt through court proceedings, enforcing and executing rulings from different jurisdictions, damages for personal injury claims, land and property disputes and rental control cases. We also handle cases regarding hire purchase agreements, bankruptcy and insolvency law.
Our team of professionals can assist clients in dealing with adoption applications, divorces, custody applications, maintenance applications, paternity disputes, disputes in relation to the matrimonial house and assets as well as drafting of relevant agreements and other ancillary matters.

Banking and Finance

Our firm enjoys experience in banking and finance disputes, as several members of our team have in the past represented many credit institutions and private clients in either on court or off- court proceedings and claims.

Our team is experienced in advising arranging banks, lenders, credit institutions, sponsors and borrowers on international financing transactions across a wide range of industries, commercial, financial and governmental sectors.

Nevertheless, ALEXIS THEODOTOU & CO LLC since its establishment, has been operating as a non-credit institution representative, choosing to represent and advice only private clients and companies as to their rights as lenders and/or guarantors.

We assist our clients on all aspects of secured and unsecured credit arrangements including loans, letters of credit, trade financing, project financing, acquisitions financing and loan re-structuring.

The aim of Corporate Governance is to facilitate efficient, entrepreneurial and practical management that can deliver the long-term success of the Company. Corporate governance is about what the Board of Directors of a Company does and how it sets the values of the Company.

Our firm deals with all matters relating to immigration law, citizenship applications (both through the Cyprus Investment program and the conventional route), applications for immigration permits, permanent residence permits, employment permits and visas. 

Filing national, community and international registration applications; Conducting availability searches of potential trademarks and designs; Filing actions relating to trademark registrations; renewals and transfers of ownership and or any changes to ownership. Preparation of replies and submission of evidence supporting the registration of a trademark in Cyprus. Preparation of considered replies as appropriate for provisional refusals brought by the Cyprus Trademark Office in relation to International applications. Assistance in anti-counterfeiting.

Filing national, EPO and PTO registration applications, validating patents in Cyprus; Assistance in the prosecution and protection of patents.
Preparation and filing of evidence documents in relation to the copyright ownership; Assistance in various transactions involving copyrights; Representation of clients in copyright litigation cases against piracy.
Representation and assistance in patent, trademark and copyright disputes before the Cyprus Courts.
Our firm aims to provide the best service to our clients and thus we are strongly believe in the training of our lawyers in transformative mediation. Transformative Mediation, first articulated by Robert A. Baruch Bush and Joseph P. Folger in The Promise of Mediation, is an approach to conflict intervention that places the principles of empowerment and recognition at the core of helping people in conflict change how they interact with each other.

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ALEXIS THEODOTOU & CO LLC operates in quite a few jurisdictions and your experience and skills can make a real difference in any area of our diverse business. Challenging and stimulating, our working environment promotes professional development, whether you are building a career as a lawyer, a paralegal or as support staff. We are committed to investing in our people, therefore we operate a year-long recruitment policy and we welcome applications even when no vacancy is available. For this reason, please send us your CV for future consideration. For all queries in relation to employment opportunities at ALEXIS THEODOTOU & CO LLC, please Contact Us All inquiries and all employment applications will be reviewed in strictest confidentiality.


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